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2021 |  6 months  |  frame by frame animation

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From research to an

abstract animation 

Sometimes animation can be something more abstract, an idea coming to life through moving illustrations. For this project a lot of research was done on the pressure felt by Gen Z in the top of the Corona times.

Project start:
This project started with observing my surroundings and seeing that a lot of my peers were stugling. I wanted them to know that this was oke and that they weren't alone.

The challenge:
Conveying a message without becoming too concrete or on the other hand becoming too abstract was a balance that needed to be found. This took some trial and error, but I think it got there in the end.

Let the magic begin and

set everything into motion

New implementation of the videos opened up the production time as well. Where the previous videos all needed to be made within 2-3 days total, including the copywriter and reviewing process, now videos would become animations and have 3-4 days as a production time.

Sound design:
As more videos were created, the introduction to sound design was made to the video assets, to support the snappy motion. The videos already included music that dictated the video timings.

Extra implementations:
Videos were used for more purposes, still frames were used as images for socials, newsletters and blog posts. As well as advertising and different versions were made for different target groups and goals.

First up:
Cleaning up the current video flow. This meant that the production process contained a lot of video recordings, just like they were previously made. 

The change was that the recordings were cleaned up, some parts enlarged and there was more of the company branding included. And of course, the branded logo needed a smooth and neath animation as well.

The goal:
These changes opened the door to continue improving and experimenting with the video production.

The first use cases with a change
The road was cleared to change and experiment with the setup of the use cases.

The first thing was the customer branding that needed to be toned down. The brand of the platform needed to take the front stage, this way, videos would be more uniform over time and it would be clear that they all came from the same company.

Screen recordings would still be used, but with a sales approach, where as these videos were used for marketing, website and branding.

Moving the rebranding forwards
The company owners liked the direction videos were going in. This opened up not only more freedom to make adjustments within the assets. But also were video was implemented and used.

It also allowed for more connection with the customers. They were involved in the use cases. Interviews were helt to collect information, data and also to get video assets from the customers and to shoot video footage on location.

Coming soon

collecting assets


Sound design

Fame by frame animation

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Story boarding

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