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Green Quays


2020  | project time - 1 month  | at Animate the World


Transforming an idea

into a motion graphics

The city of Breda started a new project for their quays. To explain what they were building they needed an explainer video, and that is where this project starts...

Project start:
The project was already up and running when I jumped in. Meaning that the script, storyboard and style frames were already set and discussed with the stakeholders.

The challenge:
At this time my After Effects and Illustrator skills were in their rookie phase, meaning I had to step up my game to get the
assets on the same level as the promised style frames.

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First up:
Looking at the style frames and creating a layering plan to make the final animation dynamic.

The illustrator assets:
Within Illustrator I went on a journey to discover all the possibilities to create awesome assets with delicate details and textures.

The assets needed to match the scenes of the story board and include the essential information and visual elements.

Let the magic begin and

set everything into motion

When creating this animation in After Effects I learned a lot about the structure and easing possibilities. As well as creating textures; like the water and reflections and layering.

Sound design:
This project has a voiceover, which needed to be timed with the visuals. But also subtile sounds like the river, the underwater world, the birds and motion sounds to support the movement. There were two versions, one in Dutch and the other was in English.

Finalising the project:
This project when only needed one round of feedback, and the feedback, the wrong type of birds were  placed under the bridge! Something that was easy to fix.



Sound design



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